Development of electric marine propulsion solutions for private purposes began in 1998. With the first project completed successfully in 1999, the decision to make this electric propulsion solution available to others was agreed upon. In 2001 ASMO Marine was founded and the first Thoosa systems were installed in sailing boats in Denmark. 

Those first clients were primarily enthusiasts who were instrumental in helping to shape the future of the Thoosa motors and offered input that was valuable to the improvement of the systems and growth of the company. Soon, the ASMO Marine Thoosa systems were being shipped to sailors in other parts of the world. Electric power solutions from ASMO Marine have been installed in sailboats, catamaran's, motorboats and solar-electric boats. 

In early 2012 ASMO Marine was re-organized and became Clean eMarine.  With an eye toward the future and the continued growth of not only the pleasure boat market, but an increasing commercial market, Clean eMarine now is able to supply electric propulsion systems from 3.5kW up to  12kW for pleasure boats, and custom designs for pleasure and commercial use up to 90kW or even higher.  

Electric propulsion offers a viable alternative to fossil fueled engines and allows for a cleaner, quieter ride. With less maintenance, there is a clear savings in cost, as well as time. More time is spent on the water instead of at the dock for repairs.

We believe that there is a more efficient way to manage our natural resources, and help to clean up our marine environment. Whether you have a sailboat, or a powerboat, feel free to contact us about finding an electric solution that will meet your requirements.

Lars Dybro Fredericksen
Nicolai Clemmensen-Rotne

  _/)  Lars Dybro Frederiksen, Founder, CEO


  />  Nicolai Clemmensen-Rotne, Founder, CTO

electric sailing in Copenhagen

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